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1st time Installation

If this is your first-time installation. We would recommend you to go with H track lighting. Most of the track lights come in H system on our website. If you already have track lighting installed, please find out which track lighting system do I have before purchasing additional track heads.

Mixed Track Lighting Heads

Yes you can mix LED track lights, low voltage track lighting lead or line voltage track heads on the same track. Please note, all track heads must be the same system. Please read here to find out which track system do you have.

Is LED Track Lighting bright enough?

LED track head is energy saving and can be as bright as the tradition halogen track lighting. You can purchase track head individually or buy from our ready to install track lighting kits.

Fixed Track Lighting

It is also called directional track lighting. It is a popular choice because it is convenient to install especially if you only need a short section of light for display lighting, kitchen lighting and such. All the heads are fixed position, you can easily adjust the angle, but you can't move the lights or add more lights to the track.

Pendant Track Lighting

You can install pendant lighting to the track, all you need is an pendant track adapter.

Commonly use for

Track lighting is widely used in kitchen lighting, retail store lighting, gallery lighting, sloped ceiling, drop down ceiling. It is used mostly for general lighting purpose, spot lighting, and some times for wall washer lighting effect.

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