Highly recommended for Retails, Jewelry stores and Architectural applications requires outstanding color.

The Metal Halide fixtures are compact yet powerful. All of the metal halide fixtures we carry comes with the Philips brand ballast(Philips company is the leading brand in the lighting industry), it guarantee a lifelong color temperature stability, smooth even beam patterns that gives crispy white lights. Metal halide fixtures features in excellent color rendition, color consistent, bright crispy white light which adds no color to merchandise and energy efficacy throughout the life of the lamp.

Metal Halide is under the high-intensity discharge (HID) categories. The characteristics of the Metal Halide fixtures and lamps are well known for high energy efficacy, good color rendering (CRI), and extra long lamp life. The above characteristics can help the users to save on energy bills and get the benefits such as color consistent, high lumen output, and smooth even beam patterns that provide crispy white lights.

For applications want to lower the operating cost without scarify the lighting quality, or for places have high ceilings and/or need to constantly turn the lights on and in use for many hours at a time, metal halide is one of the best candidates that can fulfill the requirement. The life of the metal halide lamps has an average of 12500 hours, it can reduce the frequency of re-lamping and maintenance cost.

Metal Halide is great for jewelry stores and retails applications. The traditional light bulbs might able to give out a general lighting propose, but in the same time, they also produce the unwanted yellow color and washout the true color of a products. Metal Halide lamps can help you to avoid the case like this. The Metal Halide lamps design with a high color temperature, more lumen per watt and higher CRI. It ensures the superior in color and provides smooth even white lights that make the products look more vivid.

Metal halide lamps consist of an arc tube (burner) within an outer tube, or bulb. It operates at a higher temperatures and pressures. The metal halide fixtures require ballast to start the lamp. The ballast plays an important role to supply stable power to the lamp. When the pressure and temperature increase, the materials within the arc tube vaporize and emit the light. We are using Philips brand electronic ballast for all of our Metal Halide fixtures, the brand name ballast ensures a greater quality, product stability, and better performance such as color and light output.

Metal halides require a warm up and cool down time. Warm-up --- It takes around 2- 4 minutes to warm-up, start the lamp, and reach its full light output. Cool-down --- the lamp cannot be immediately turned back on after you turn it off shortly. It takes up to 10 minutes to restrike (re-start) a lamp. As the Metal Halide requires operating at a higher temperatures and pressures, they are not dimmable.

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