Low voltage track lighting widely used as gallery lighting or color sensitive product to present real color of items. Special characters of low voltage track lighting give you more options for light bulbs choices and its compact size is suitable as task lighting, trade show lighting, kitchen lighting, retail lighting, gallery lighting and display lighting. Simply adding low voltage track lighting to create accent lighting or your task lighting solution. Track lighting versatile applications are suitable for different spaces such as restaurant, salon, garage, office, show room and all commercial or residential spaces.

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Low Voltage Track Lighting Fixture with 6" Extension Stem 50037
Black Brush Steel
Availability: In Stock
Direct-Lighting Item #: 50037 -

    Item number 50037 is a 12V low voltage track lighting fixture comes with a 6” factory made extension stem. This contemporary lighting track head can accommodate your design challenge, create different lighting effects and allows you to highlights the artworks, masterpieces, or sculptures. This fixture is highly recommended for spot lighting or photographic lighting applications. This track lighting fixture accepts MR16 lamp, and can be upgrade to 75W transformer version. If using a LED bulb,...

    Retail: $25.00
    Brushed Steel
    Availability: Processing time 2-3 business days
    Direct-Lighting Item #: 50039 -

      50039 barn doors low voltage track lighting fixture comes with adjustable doors to control glare from the light bulb. This track head is very affordable and great for various applications. You can use this 12V track lighting fixture to create an affordable track lighting system. For example, you can set up a mini home theater system, photographic lighting, studio lighting, gallery, museum or retail store spot lighting. This fixture can be used with MR16 dichroic filter light bulbs, light bulbs...

      No Back Light Low Voltage Track Lighting Fixture 50027-BS
      Retail: $21.00
      Brushed Steel Dark Bronze
      Availability: In Stock
      Direct-Lighting Item #: 50027 -

        This low voltage track lighting fixture has a sealed solid back special design which prevents back light issue(no back light). This special design allows the fixture to deliver dramatic lighting effects to different applications. You can customize your track lighting design with this track head. It is ideal for museums lighting, galleries lighting, retail stores lighting to highlight the artworks, masterpieces, sculptures, floral arrangements or other products. This track lighting fixture...

        Low Voltage Track Lighting Fixture 50038
        Brush Steel
        Availability: In Stock
        Direct-Lighting Item #: 50038 -

          50038 is a low voltage track lighting fixture with modern and contemporary design. This modern lighting fixture is a great choice for home lighting or display lighting. The track lighting fixture accepts one regular 50W MR16 lamp. You can create an unique and custom track lighting system to form the special spot lighting effects, or build a LED track lighting fixtures by using 1 of 12V MR16 LED lamp. If using a LED bulb, please only use with bulb with a minimum of 7W. Do Not use front glass....

          G53 Push-in Base Precision Beam Control AR111 Track Lighting Fixture
          Retail: $24.95
          Brushed Steel
          Availability: In Stock
          Direct-Lighting Item #: 50034 -

            The 12 volt low voltage track lighting fixture has a timeless design which is ideal for the long throw applications, or applications such as displays lighting, showcases lighting or accent lighting. The lamp has precision beam control capability and produces fewer glares, with the special designed, the lamp can brings out an efficient and smooth beam spreads to highlight your products. The track fixture comes with a 50W transformer case and screw terminal (M-P) base (as known as G53 push in or...

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