Juno tracking lighting makes J system track lighting, which is one of the 3 major track lighting systems in U.S. market. All track lighting tracks and track heads must have same system in order in order to make it out. If you are not sure if you have a Juno Track Lighting system installed, please click this --> Do I have Juno Track Lighting? here. If you would like to shop for additional Juno Track Lighting track heads, please select from Juno brands, or you can shop find the compatible ones from J Track Lighting system from below.

Other Juno Lighting Compatible Track System / J Track Lighting System Selection:

Juno Track System (JT)

The JT system is known as 2 wire-wide single circuit system. If you look at the track, then there should be 1 strip of wire on one side and 1 strip of wire on the other side. If you look at the back of the fixture junction plate, then there should be 1 clip terminals on one side and 1 clip terminal on the other side. If you measure the outside tip of the clip from one end to the other outside tip (maximum distance between the clips, ). It should be just shy of 1", it should be around 15/16". then you have a JT 2-wire-wide system.

Please see the following image for measuring instruction:

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