Suspended Track Lighting for Flat Ceilings

The most economical and efficient way to provide lighting in a high ceiling is to suspend track lighting. You provide the minimum number of power outlets. It's low maintenance, end users can simply add and remove track light fixtures on their own.

In this article, we will talk about parts and steps that you need to hang track lighting in a high ceiling area. It is suitable for both commercial and residential purpose.

Building Steps:
  1. Design the track lighting layout, such as the length of each track run, the amount of the high to drop the track lighting, power source location, and such.
  2. Order required parts, suspended track lighting kits for flat ceiling, track connectors, track joint brackets, track power feeds, track connectors and tracks.
  3. Install a 5" rigid canopy to the ceiling, that's one of the parts from 50103. Each track suspension kit comes with an extension pole.
  4. Attach a track lighting track to the drop-down pole. Use two(2) 50103 for 2' and 4' Track, use three(3) 50103 for 6' and 8' track sections.
  5. Install a track joint bracket on each track joint.
  6. Install a power feed at the end of each track lighting run.
  7. Install track lighting lights.
  8. Finish up all the other required wiring in your setup, then you are ready to go.

Track Lighting Recommendation:

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