Suspended Track Lighting on Vaulted (Sloped) Ceilings

The versatile design of track lighting provides an easy and straightforward solution for installing lighting on a sloped or vaulted ceiling. You can easily add or remove track light fixtures or even upgrading from traditional halogen to LED track light fixtures.

You can either flush mount the track lighting or suspended track lighting from the vaulted ceiling

In this tutorial, we will discuss installing a suspended track lighting for vaulted ceiling, the parts that you need and also some recommendations track lights selection.

Building Steps:
  1. Design the track lighting layout.
  2. Prepare all the necessary parts, track lighting tracks, connectors, sloped ceiling suspensions kits, power feeds, and track joint brackets..
  3. Start with 50103SC first. Install and secure the 5" rigid canopy to the ceiling. Each kit comes with an extension pole. You can adjust the angle from the canopy.
  4. Attach a track lighting track to the drop-down pole. Remember use two(2) 50103SC for 2' and 4' Track, use three(3) 50103SC for 6' and 8' track sections.
  5. Reinforce the strength of a jointed suspended track; each track lighting joint requires to have a track joint bracket.
  6. Install a power feed at the end of each track lighting run.

Track Lighting Recommendation:

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