Halo Compatible Track Lighting

Halo compatible track lighting is also known as H track lighting. The HT or H system that you found on our website is compatible to Halo track lighting and any of the other H track lighting.

We carry two systems on our website namely H system and J System. If this is a brand new installation, then we recommend using the H system, as this is the most common track lighting system in the market. Most of the track lighting brands carry H track lights system, and you can easily find them in lighting stores. There is no difference between H and J systems, they operate the same except the connector part is made in different sizes.

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If you are not sure whether you have an H Track Light or not, please take out one of your working track lights and measure from tip to tip, the width should be close to 1". Also, you should see one mental tip on one side and two mental tips on the other side.

Measure From Tip to Tip

H Track Lighting Side View. one metal tip on one side and two on the other side.

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