• Light Bulb BO-22 - BO-22
  • Light Bulb BO-22 - BO-22
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    Value brand BO-22, the MR16 halogen lamp (without front glass) can be use in the 12 volt low voltage track lighting fixtures that already comes with a cover lens. Each lamp comes with a standard GU5.3 base (also known as 2-Pin or Bi-Pin base), and will provides 50 watt of light. The average life for each of the bulb is around 2000 hours. The most popular 36 degree beam angle and Flood beam spread allows you to complete your lighting applications or create different lighting effects with these lamps. Great for general lighting purpose.

    Product Description
    • Item Number : BO-22
    • Lamp Type : MR16 Halogen ( Without Front Glass)
    • Base : GU5.3 / 2-Pin / Bi-Pin
    • Voltage : 12V
    • Wattage : 50W
    • Color Temp : 2850 K
    • Beam Angle : 36°
    • Beam Spread : Flood
    • Lamp Code : EXN
    • Avg Life : 2000hrs.
    • Dimmable : Yes

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