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BO-23-COLOR MR16,Light Bulbs, Lamp, Bulbs, Halogen lamp, low voltage bulbs, bubls
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Value Brand Item #: BO-23-COLOR -

    Item number BO-23-COLOR, the MR16 halogen lamp will fits in your 12 volt low voltage track lighting fixtures, pendant lights, down lights, recessed lights, and/ or landscape lights. Each lamp comes with a standard GU5.3 base (also known as 2-Pin or Bi-Pin base), and will provides 50 watts of light. In addition, the dichronic filter glass will provides Green/ Red/ Yellow color light. The lamps are great for lighting applications or create different lighting effects with these lamps. The average...

    Light Bulb Ushio-Reflekto MR16,Light Bulbs, Lamp, Bulbs, Halogen lamp, low voltage bulbs, bubls, no back light
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    Ushio Item #: Ushio-Reflekto -

      Ushio 50W MR16 halogen lamps, with aluminized reflector(black reflector coating). Food, 36° beam angle. Prevent any back-spill of light and to reduce heat to the back of the lamp. The light will evenly distribute. The interior reflector of the Ushio MR16 GU5.3 base (also know as Bi-Pin / 2-Pin) lamp is made with high quality titanium oxide coating. The excellent quality and thickness of the coatings make sure the bulbs will not crack or peel even under the high temperatures and pressure....

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