Solux™ PAR halogen lamp made by Eiko company has the patented technology.  The spectral power distribution of every SoLux™ bulb is similar to daylight across the visible spectrum.   It allows every solux™ light bulbs to provide a smooth, continuous and full color that is very similar to natural daylight and bring out the product’s absolute true color spectrum. The color rendition of everything from sparkling jewels to clothing, to sensitive art collections.  It allows you to present the best of your products. your product can be illuminated without bleaching or discoloring.

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Eiko - SoLux Item #: SOLUX-MR16 -

MR16 12V 50W (with front glass) FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTING SIMULATE NATURAL DAY LIGHT. Available in 4 beam patterns and 3 color temperatures. The 3rd image was taken with SoLux MR16 bulb with 3500K color temperature and 24 degree. The one on the top was taken with regular MR16 light bulb. The outcome of the picture on the top is more yellowish compare with the one which shown on the bottom. SOLUX BULB is recommended for ART GALLERY and HIGH END STORE where showing true color of the products is...

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