Where to buy Hampton Bay Track Lighting and What is Hampton Bay Track Lighting?

Hampton Bay Lighting is the exclusive brand name Home Depot carries. Just like all other track lighting system, Hampton Bay track lighting contains selections of decorative track lighting and track lighting accessories.

Hampton Bay Track lighting is three wires system, hot, neutral and ground. It has the same system as the Halo brand, which also known as 3 wires system, H track system and HT track system.

Any of the tracks, track lighting fixtures, and track lighting accessories that you find on our website and has a HT system option can be used on any Hampton Bay track lighting, HT track system, or H track system.

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To find out your existing track lighting system, please see our track lighting guide.

Track lighting is widely used for work place, basement, kitchen and gallery. Track lighting is easy to install and extremely flexible to add more if necessary.