Item #:DLWP301427

    Product Descriptions:
    • Lamp Type :14W PAR30 Short Neck LED Bulbs
    • Base :E26 Medium / Screw-in
    • Beam Pattern:60 degree Wide Flood
    • Diameter:3.75 in.
    • Length:4 in.
    • Voltage : 120 V
    • Wattage: 14W
    • Color Temperature (Kelvin) : 2700 K
    • Color : Warm White
    • LED bulb is made of of 7 of 2W LED Chips.
    • Energy Efficiency : Reduce less heat, low power consumption which resulting in energy saving and environmental friendly.
    • Rating :RoHS and CE.
    • Environment : Dry locations.
    Advantages of LED:
    • Provide smoother beam patterns with no striations or hot spots.
    • Environmental Friendly ( Mercury Fee).
    • Energy Efficient ( Low Energy Consumption).
    • Long Life.
    • Low Heat.
    • Low Maintenance Cost.
    • UV and IR Free.
    • Saves Energy and Money.

    • Value brand CREE Chip PAR30 Short Neck LED light bulb is 10 times more compare to the regular halogen lamps or incandescent lamp on the current market. It utilizes a unique technology that provides an optically superior product with smoother beam patterns and no striations or hot spots.

      These 120V LED light bulbs consume less energy (only consume 14W energy), which is a direct replacement for higher wattage incandescent reflector lamps. It helps you to eliminate the cost of relamping and maintenance. The 2700K color temperature provides a warm white light source. By switching your regular halogen PAR lamps or incandescent light bulbs to LED lamp, you can reduces the amount of heat generates from the bulb, save the energy and cut cost on your energy bill. Highly recommend for museums, galleries, jewelry store, rug stores, boutiques, high-end clothing stores.
    PAR Lamps Dimmer Compatibility:

    Manufacturer Dimmer Brands Power Range (WA) Volts Load
    Legrand Pass & Seymour DR703P 700 120 Ha/Inc
    Lutron SKYLARK S-600/S-600P/S-603P 40-600 120 Ha/Inc
    Lutron Credenza TT-300NLH 300 120 Ha/Inc
    Lutron DIVA DV-600P/DV-603P 40-600 120 Ha/Inc
    Lutron Lumea LG-600/LG-600P/LG-603P 40-600 120 Ha/Inc
    Lutron Rotary D-600R/D-600P/D-603P 40-600 120 Ha/Inc
    Lutron DIVA DVLV-600P/DVLV-603P 450 120 MLV
    Lutron SKYLARK SLV-600P/SLV-603P 450 120 MLV
    Lutron DIVA DVELV-300P/DVELV-303P 300 120 ELV
    Lutron Maestro MAELV-600/MSCELV-600 5-600 120 ELV
    Lutron SKYLARK SELV-300P/SELV-303P 300 120 ELV
    Leviton Decora 619-6621 600 120 HA/Inc
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