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    • Brand: Ushio/ MR-16 Ultraline Series
    • Lamp Type: Halogen MR-16
    • Base: GU5.3 / 2-Pin / Bi-Pin/ C-8 Filament
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Wattage: 50W
    • Beam Angle: 36 °
    • Beam Spread: Flood
    • Lamp Code: EXN
    • Color Temp: 3100K
    • Max CP : 1500
    • Diameter: 2”
    • MOL: 1.78”
    • Avg Life: 10,000 hrs.
    • Burn Position: Universal
    • Features:
    1. UV Filter reduces the amount of degradation from harmful UV radiation.
    2. Crispy White Halogen Light
    3. Cool Bean Effect
    4. 2” Diameter Titanium Oxide Coating Reflector
    5. Consistent color throughout lamp life
    6. Minimizes the amount of maintenance required to support retail, commercial and display lighting installations. (i.e. Museums, galleries, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and offices).
    7. over 2 times the life compare the life of the regular MR16 lamps currently in the market)

    The interior reflector of the Ushio MR16 GU5.3 base (also know as Bi-Pin / 2-Pin) lamp is made with high quality titanium oxide coating. The excellent quality and thickness of the coatings make sure the bulbs will not crack or peel even under the high temperatures and pressure. With computer-aligned axial filament controlled, the lamp display a consistent color, even crispy white light, accurate beam patterns and beam uniformity throughout the life of the lamp. The state-of-the-art lighting technologies from Ushio MR16 lamp is recommended for applications such as --- museums, galleries lighting, retail stores, displays, accent lighting, offices, commercial areas, and restaurants.

    These 50W MR16 halogen lamps come with 36° beam angle and flood beam spread. With universal burning position, UV filter, color temperature of 3100K and 1500 CP. The average life of each lamp is around 10000 hours, which is 2 times more of the life compare the life of the regular MR16 lamps currently in the market.
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