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    5050 LED Strip Light 300 LEDs Cool White

    LED strip lights ( aka tape lights or led ribbon lighting ) can be used both indoor and outdoor. They are extremely affordable and great for both residential and commercial lighting applications. Users can use these Multi-purpose LED strip lights in different lighting projects.

    LED tape lights only consume 72 watts of energy per reel (16’ 4”). The 5050 LED chip is the latest and brightest technology. The lights are thin, flexible, and field cuttable (every 3 LEDs), which give users more flexibility. The 3M double-sided adhesive tape already applied on the backside tape for no mess and easy installation. Widely used for decoration lights, display lights, holiday lights, event lights, and show exhibition lighting.

    • Item :LED Strip Light / LED Tape Light / LED Ribbon Light
    • Color :Cool White (WH)
    • Brightness:Brightest
    • Rating : IP 67
    • Length : 16' 4" / reel
    • Dimension : 3 15/16” (W) X 1 9/16" (H)
    • Output power : 72W
    • Voltage : 12 VDC
    • LED quantity : 300 bulbs
    • Color Temperature :5500-6000K
    • View Angle : 120 degree
    • Light source : Surface mount device (SMD) Top LED chip #3528
    • Average Life :50,000 Hours
    • Location :Indoor / Outdoor
    • Certification : CE Listed, RoHS, LVD
    • LED Driver : LED DRIVER UL Listed NOT INCLUDE.
    Additional Product Information:
    Strip Light Instructions
    • Test the strip lights once you received them. We do not accept returns or exchange once the lights is being alter or cut. 
    • Unplug the strip lights before altering, cutting, or installing in any circumstances. 
    • Unroll the strip lights before you plug the light into the power outlet.
    •  Only cut as the manufacturer recommended (Every 3 LEDs, look for the cut marks). 
    1. Efficiency and Energy Saving. LEDs gives out more and brighter light per watt when compare with the traditional light bulbs or incandescent bulbs. The LED strip lights only consume 24 Watt of power per reel, it consume less power for the same amount of light 
    2. Long life. The LED strip lights we carry have a long life span.
    3. Less Heat. The traditional light bulbs makes light by heats up the metal filament. This operation process makes the traditional bulbs so hot, and cannot be touch. LEDs have no filament, so it emits less heat than traditional bulbs. The characteristics of the LEDs also make them cool to touch and would not burn your fingers. 
    4. Quality. Majority of people enjoyed the quality, intensity and purity of colors presents from the LED rope lights. A good quality LED lights have slow failure rate, and an average of 100,000 hours of life. Therefore, it is essentially important to select a reliable quality of LED chip in order to prolong the life time of LED light bulbs 
    5. Flexible. These LED strip lights can be field cut.  Very sturdy and attractive, they give you more flexibility and allow you to install at the area where additional attention and brightness is needed. LED strip lights add fun and bring your areas to life. 
    6. Easy to Install. 3M adhesive tape is on the strip light, can be installed easily. Can be cut on the predetermined cutting intervals, which is about every 3 LED lights.
    7. Easy Storage. Came with a rotating easy storage spool, you can easily wind or unwind your lights back to its spool. It gives you a tangle-free and hassle-free decorating.

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