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ProPar30LN 75W

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    • Lamp Type: Halogen PAR30 Long Neck
    • Base Type: Medium / Screw-in
    • Beam Angle: Spot 8-12°
    • Voltage: 120
    • Wattage: 75
    • Lumens : 1100
    • Color temperature: 2900K
    • Diameter:3.74 in.
    • Length: 4.6 in.
    • Average Life: 2500 hours.
    • Filament: CC-8

    • Green Energy Lighting lamps utilize precision-engineered lamps utilize a unique reflector design that provides an optically superior product with smoother beam patterns and no striations or hot spots.
    • The lamps combine a uniquely designed fluted reflector with a multi-layered coating process for improved optics and beam control.
    • These lamps are ideal for accent and display lighting environments.
    • PAR Halogen lamps can save up to 60% in energy costs as a direct replacement for higher wattage incandescent reflector lamps.

    Brand: Ushio PAR30LN

    Watts (W): 50W / 75W

    Beam Spread: Spot(10°) / Narrow Flood(30°) / Flood(40°)

    Avg Life (h): 2500